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The 3Parks Cycle Route

A 5 mile traffic-free cycle route between Elmdon and Meriden Parks in Solihull, passing through Sheldon Country Park in Birmingham. 3Parks is being promoted by Cyclesolihull to encourage more cycling in and around Solihull

If you live in the West Midlands and like traffic-free cycling there is no need to travel long distances to one of the well known national trails. There are a growing number of routes locally and the latest, the 3Parks Cycle Route, is real a gem - five miles of traffic-free route connecting three parks in Solihull and Birmingham which contain a host of attractions.

Children love a cycle ride and free from traffic you can all relax and enjoy the trip. To keep the kids happy there are three playgrounds to explore along the route as well as a farm and a tearoom for that well deserved drink and ice cream!

There is much more for those interested in history and wildlife, plus possibly the best location to watch aircraft in the UK!

Find out more about the 3Parks route by exploring this website...and then get out on your bikes and enjoy the real thing!


Latest News

Welcome to the 3Parks Cycle Route website launched by Cyclesolihull in Autumn 2020. This traffic-free route is being promoted as part of our work to encourage more cycling in and around Solihull.
We hope you will visit us again soon!

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