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About Cyclesolihull

Encouraging more cycling in and around Solihull


What is Cyclesolihull?
Cyclesolihull was started in 2005 by a group of volunteers who wanted to do something to encourage more people to cycle in and around Solihull. Over the years the main activities have been to devise and publicise circular routes using quiet roads and paths and to organise free rides along many of those routes. There are now about 50 free route guides available to download from and there have been over 1,000 rides, involving about 13,000 riders and over 1,600 individuals! 

Why this new 3Parks initiative?
It is clear that many people are put off cycling because of traffic. Despite using quiet roads and the excellent safety record of Cyclesolihull rides, this is still a barrier to some people joining our rides. Most riders find these fears disappear once they come on our rides and that there is little difference between cycling on a traffic free path and the quiet roads used by our rides. However Cyclesolihull would like to encourage more people to give cycling a try by providing an opportunity to try a ride in an entirely traffic free environment.

There are many traffic-free trails in the region and some of these are very well known. Similar opportunities for traffic-free cycling locally are often overlooked or unknown so we want to highlight a route locally which is both fun to cycle and full of interest. We hope to both raise awareness of this route and encourage more people to cycle it.

Is the 3Parks route new? 
Parts of the route has been in place for a while but recently constructed new and improved paths have joined these sections together to enable  a much longer route to be ridden and promoted.

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Latest News

Welcome to the 3Parks Cycle Route website launched by Cyclesolihull in Autumn 2020. This traffic-free route is being promoted as part of our work to encourage more cycling in and around Solihull.
We hope you will visit us again soon!

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