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Sheldon Country Park

A remnant in the city of Warwickshire's rural past


A remnant in the city of the Warwickshire's rural past, this linear park has much to offer the visitor. As well as traditional park attractions such as a children's playground, tennis courts and a cafe, there is also an outdoor gym and a traditional farm based around the restored 17th centrury former rectory.

Also of interest are the 14th century St Giles' church and 19th century railway viaduct. Of more 21st century interest, the park is also an ideal place for a bit of aircraft spotting!

Old Rectory Farm, cafe, toilets and car park
Children's playground and outdoor gym
Historic St Giles Church
Airport viewing area

When you cycle this section of the 3Parks route you are cycling through a landscape which 100 years ago was deep in the Warwickshire Countryside. Although largely grassland, there a patches of woodland. The route parallels Hatchford and Westley Brooks and you will find yourself crossing them a number of times. Prone to flooding, the valleys escaped urban development and can now be enjoyed now as part of the cycle route. 

The 17th century Old Rectory Farm was once the home of the celebrated 18th Century Rev Thomas Bray, Rector of nearby St Giles Church. The farm buildings have been fully restored by Birmingham City Council and demonstrate traditional methods of farming. Animals kept at the farm include Jersey cattle, pigs, goats, ponies, ducks, chickens and geese.

The farm is open to visitors every day throughout the year and admission is free. There is also a cafe selling drinks and snacks and a children's playground.

Find out more about St Giles' Church and Thomas Bray

Aviation fans will love the Airport Viewing Area with its close up views of planes arriving and departing at Birmingham Airport - hold on to your hats they come in VERY low!

Cycle further towards Meriden Park and there something for railway buffs- the 3Parks route passes under the viaduct of the London and Birmingham Railway, the first mainline route to London opened in 1838. Nowadays 125 mph Pendolinos us the tracks as well as a number of other local and longer distance trains. A short traffic-free ride to nearby Marston Green station provides an opportuity to see the trains close up or catch a train to Birmingham or Coventry. 

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Welcome to the 3Parks Cycle Route website launched by Cyclesolihull in Autumn 2020. This traffic-free route is being promoted as part of our work to encourage more cycling in and around Solihull.
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